Who’s Down for a new app from Google?

Google continues to garner impressive press coverage for moon shot type projects like their Project Loon or self-driving cars or even their recent forays into artificial intelligence. Their latest app to hit the Play Store may not quite live up to that hype, but Google hopes they are continuing efforts to help people solve problems. The problem in this case seems to be finding someone to hangout with and the Who’s Down app hopes to help with that.

According to Google’s description, Who’s Down will help you  “always know who is free to hand out, so you never miss out on the fun.” The app lets you hit a slider button to set your status to being “down” to hangout for whatever or you can pose a request for a specific activity. Ostensibly using location services, the app will show you friends nearby who may be ready to hangout. Of course, the app includes a chat function so all the details can be worked out once the participating parties are identified.

For now, Google is limiting use of Who’s Down to an invite-only system accessed through the app. It is not clear how one gets selected once you submit a request for an invite.

If you want to check out Who’s Down and maybe get in on the action as an early adopter, hit the Play Store link below to grab it.

whos_down_app_screen_01 whos_down_app_screen_02 whos_down_app_screen_03 whos_down_app_screen_04 whos_down_app_screen_05

Play Store Download Link

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