T-Mobile’s John Legere talks about the state of the wireless industry in 2015

john_legere_uncarrierT-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has posted a blog entry on the carrier’s website detailing his prediction for where the wireless industry will be heading in 2015. He talks about the direction T-Mobile is going in, and in typical Legere fashion, he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to throwing other carriers under the bus.

Right out of the gate, Legere talks about all of the different moves T-Mobile has put into place with their Uncarrier revolution. This includes the recently announced roll over data, unlimited music streaming, and ending annual service contracts, among several other things. There’s even a nice chart that shows how each of the four carriers fares when it comes to those Uncarrier moves, and while it’s definitely weighted in T-Mobile’s favor, it does show that T-Mobile is committed to offering a better value for your money than the other big three.

When it comes to other carriers, John Legere is happy with where T-Mobile is standing. Their LTE network covers about 264 million customers, and even though it’s trailing Verizon’s 303 million, the carrier plans on catching up to at least 300 million customers by the end of 2015. On top of that, T-Mobile’s network is typically very competitive with Verizon’s when it comes to speed, even beating out Big Red in many markets. He also hit the other big three carriers with some pretty rough comments about promotions they’ve been running, including slamming AT&T for squeezing money out of their customers with old unlimited data plans and bashing Verizon for their “BS promos.”

Of course, the entire blog post isn’t just carrier trash talking, and Legere discussed how he thinks wearables are the next major component in the wireless industry, especially after Apple releases their first smartwatch, and he believes phablets will continue to grow in popularity. That insane phablet growth has two pretty major side effects, however; increased data usage thanks to the extra data screen that’s ideal for streaming and consuming media, and lowered tablet sales as people switch over to using phablets exclusively as opposed to a smartphone and tablet.

Legere made a few witty jokes about his Twitter account, then ended on a high note that T-Mobile plans on staying the course of what they’ve been doing. Expect to see some more moves by T-Mobile in 2015 to try and stay ahead of the competition.

You can find the full post at the link below.

source: T-Mobile

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