OnePlus has bricks and mortar store in Beijing in the works


Although potential buyers in Western markets have been frustrated with OnePlus’s methods for selling the OnePlus One smartphone, consumers in Beijing will be getting a new option to experience the much sought after device. OnePlus is preparing to open a physical store in Beijing where buyers can get the smartphone and a variety of accessories. OnePlus will also be offering customer support options for those who prefer to  interact with a live person when they have a problem or just a question about their device. If you are thinking this sounds similar to an Apple Store, you probably will not find anyone who disagrees.

The new store is set to open for a trial run on December 1st. The official opening for consumers is scheduled for December 20th. Besides access to the OnePlus One normal edition, OnePlus reportedly will have a special JBL version and a bamboo limited edition of the OnePlus One.

If this new store is a success, OnePlus is expected to open additional locations. Whether any of them make it out of the Chinese market is unclear.


via: pocketnow

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