Nexus 6 may have inbound call problem for Sprint customers


It has generally been viewed as a positive development that the Nexus 6 is available on all major U.S. carriers and a simple swap of a SIM card is all that is needed for users to switch networks if they are in a position to do so. That doesn’t come without some risk though and Sprint customers seem to be suffering the ill effects at the moment as several Nexus 6 owners are having trouble receiving calls.

The issue has been identified by users for well over a month already, but neither Sprint nor Google has found a solution. The inability to come up with something may be because of the sporadic nature of the problem that does not seem to be connected to location. Some users have indicated the issue does seem to only crop up when connected to Wi-Fi.

When the problem does come up for users, they will find that they do not receive inbound phone calls. To make matters worse, when the phone gets in this state of not accepting calls, it functions like a phone that has been turned off and does not pop up a missed call notification. Unless the caller leaves a voicemail or the Nexus 6 user checks their call history, they may never know they missed a call.

Anyone out there experienced this problem with the Nexus 6 on Sprint not receiving inbound calls?

source: Sprint
via: Android Police

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