Latest leak ups the hardware ante on HTC’s next flagship


A new leak about the next HTC flagship smartphone, possibly dubbed something other than the HTC One (M9), indicates the hardware specs may be a little better than previously thought. According to this latest report, the HTC device will get a 5.5-inch screen, not the 5.2-inch screen previously reported. The resolution is still expected to be 2560 x 1440, so there would be a slight drop in pixels per inch. The rest of the alleged specs match what we have already heard, including a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and a 16 MP OIS-equipped camera.

According to the report, HTC is working on a partnership with Bose on the sound system included in the device. HTC’s front-facing speaker system has been one of its more favorable features and a partnership with Bose would strengthen that quality of HTC smartphones.

The latest rumors also suggest HTC will reveal two variants of their next flagship at MWC 2015 next March. There will be the main HTC One (M9) and an HTC One (M9) Prime. No information was provided as to what might be different in a “Prime” device.

If HTC makes it to market with hardware close to this, do you think they will be in the ballpark as far as 2015′s flagship devices go or will they find themselves lagging behind?

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