HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition unveiled

HTC has a history of teaming up with leading designers to produce unique versions of some of its top smartphones. And today the company has announced its latest design collaboration — a partnership with Singapore-based design house Phunk Studio to create a handful of limited edition HTC One M8s. The phones, of which only 64 will ever be produced, bear a unique etched pattern crafted by HTC and Phunk designers around the theme of “wonderment.”

The limited edition Phunk M8s also serve as a preview of the design collective’s upcoming exhibition, taking place in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong this year as it marks its 20th anniversary. Aside from the unique designs on the back, it’s the same HTC One M8 we know and love, in glacial silver and amber gold.

We’ve got a full photo gallery after the break. As for how you can get hold of a Phunk Studio HTC One M8 yourself… well, stay tuned.

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