Google releases Project Tango from ATAP


Google recently moved their Google Glass project from the Google[x] lab to a new home with the Nest team. Now they are graduating another project from its development home. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, or ATAP, has announced that they are “transitioning” Project Tango out of their group, although it is unclear where Project Tango is going to end up within the Google organization.

Project Tango launched a couple years and ATAP indicated that was long enough for a project to exist within ATAP. Project Tango is an attempt to bring technology that can build a virtual 3D map based on sensors detecting a device’s position in space. As an example, the team used their technology to build some self-propelled SPHERES for NASA to use in space.

Google indicates they are “committed to moving the technology forward” but no other details were available about how that is going to pan out.

source: +Google ATAP

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