From the Editor’s Desk: The Miami meetings …

I and the other Mobile Nations editors spent much of last week in Miami, working on the future of the organization of our organization. And giving me the excuse to use this picture you now enjoy here. (From the G4, with some HDR and post-processing love.) It’s always great to actually see the people you work with. We don’t get to do that often enough. And that we tend to do it at the opposite end of the state in which I spend 90 of my time is amusing. Canadians in Florida never gets old. (That said, I’d freeze to death in minutes if I go any farther north than, oh, St. Louis, any time after September.)

You probably won’t see any sweeping changes anytime soon here at AC. And that’s by design. But make no mistake, we’ve got big things in the works for the months and years ahead. I, for one, am excited as hell.

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