From the Editor’s Desk: Strap in, folks

We’ve reached that point of the year at which I’m required once again to remind you of the following: Shit’s gonna get crazy.

Let’s recap the next couple of weeks: This week we’ve got the IFA conference in Berlin. I’m sitting it out this year, but Alex and Richard have it covered, with an able hand from the one and only Derek Kessler. They’ll be on hand for Samsung’s Unpacked event there in Germany, and Andrew and I will be at the New York event. Liveblogging and intravenous caffeine injections start at 9 a.m. EDT.

Then it’s off to the airport for Andrew and myself, as we head to Chicago for Motorola’s big throwdown on Thursday. New phones, new wearables, and probably a few other things. Then home for the weekend before heading off to Las Vegas for the CTIA Super Mobility Week conference. No rest for the wicked.

And this, again, is the point at which I remind you that the live event coverage is just the start of things to come. As I spelled out in this space some six months ago, the live news coverage is just a small part of what we do. We’re going to crawl inside every nook and cranny of these devices. We’re going to help everyone learn to use them, whether they’re your first devices, or your 200th. Some of these tutorials will be far too elementary for many of you. And that’s OK. You have my permission to skip them. And I strongly encourage us all to respect those who are just starting out and need the extra help. We’re here for everyone. And we’re here to help.

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