CyanogenMod releases CM12 Nightlies

cyanogenmod-12-cm12-android-lollipopThe folks over at CyanogenMod have been hard at work on your New Year’s present and finally have something to show for it: nightlies!

The release of the nightlies is accompanied by the news that CM12 is 85% complete, and should be finished up by the end of the month. Some of the features not yet in the nightlies are: Theme Engine, Quick Settings customization and Ribbon Mode, Navigation bar reorganization, Sound panel customization, and Lock-screen quick unlock. Smaller tweaks are also missing, but will probably not be noticeable.

Other than that, these nightlies are the perfect chance for those of you with pioneering spirits to go ahead and check out what CyanogenMod can do with Lollipop. Some new features to be added with CM12 (just to wet your whistle) are ambient display, a new messaging app, and a weather option in the status bar.

As always with a nightly. expect bugs. If you are already running a version of CM11 and your device is on the list, you may be able to flash the update directly from your current ROM without needing to wipe your device. For more instructions, follow the link below.

Source: CyanogenMod

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