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For most people, focus has been on Mobile World Congress 2014 but there were a lot of news in the world of Android apps. To start, Google Now Launcher was released to the Play Store but it wasn’t without its caveats. You can still download the app yourself here. WhatsApp showed up to Mobile World Congress to announce a huge new feature. We found a really terrible app called BroApp. RealPlayer Cloud is finally available worldwide. It’s apparently very easy to port Android apps to Tizen. Now, onto five Android apps you can’t miss this week!

android appsMcAfee Antivirus & Security

[Price: Free]
First up this week is McAfee Antivirus and Security. At Mobile World Congress this year they announced a new pricing scheme which essentially makes all their best features free. So now all the stuff like antivirus, anti-theft, and all the features therein are totally free. There is a subscription Get it on Google Playservice for $ 2.99 or $ 29.99 a year that adds 2GB of backup space for photos and videos, phone support, and removes all advertisements. This is way better than it used to be.
mcafee android apps

punch quest android appsPunch Quest

[Price: Free]
You may remember Punch Quest from last year when it was released. It’s an infinite runner where you play as a dude that punches everything and, every now and then, gets to ride a dinosaur that shoots laser beams. The app was recently updated to include new enemies and achievements. Get it on Google PlayIt’s also now free as the developer decided to go with an in-app purchase model instead of a paid model. If you’ve been hesitating on checking this out, now’s a good time to try it.
punch quest android apps

out there android appsOut There

[Price: $ 3.99]
Our next title, called Out There, won Touch Arcade’s most anticipated mobile games of 2014 award and for good reason. This is an atmospheric space game where you must survive the harsh conditions of being in outer space. It includes more than 300 adventures that results in three different Get it on Google Playmain quest endings, item crafting, Google Play Games services, and it even goes so far as to craft a new universe every time you play. It’s $ 4 in the Google Play Store right now.
out there android apps

onedrive android appsOneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

[Price: Free]
Some of you may have heard of OneDrive back when it was called SkyDrive. Microsoft has updated the application to better compete with services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This includes automatic uploads of photos and videos, better integration with other Microsoft services, larger thumbnails, and of course Get it on Google Playthe boilerplate bug fixes and performance improvements. If you’ve never used it, you can get 10GB of storage right out of the gate by signing up for the service, so there is that.
onedrive android apps

castaway android appsCastaway

[Price: Free]
Last up this week is an application called Castaway and if you have a Chromecast then this could be the next app you download. Castaway is good Get it on Google Playfor only one thing and that’s streaming locally stored files on your Android to your Chromecast. It’s free to use and aside from the occasional hiccup, it seems to work really well.
castaway android apps


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